AJ Genealogy's Mission

Mission: Introduce clients to the heroes and hooligans—forgotten by history—in their family trees and create documented legacies.

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  • Ensure your lineage will stand the test of time. Without carefully documented research, lineages are often debunked. AJ Genealogy always strives to meet the Genealogical Proof Standard.
  • Take advantage of AJ Genealogy’s investment in education and paid subscriptions.
  • AJ Genealogy is strategically located near scores of fabulous New England repositories.

Why I am so passionate about documenting research…

Ancestor's grave at Andersonville National Cemetery
My Ancestor's Grave
Andersonville National Cemetery

Over a decade ago, I set out to prove two family stories that had been passed down for generations. With a little digging, I ended up disproving both stories. You might think this result would be disappointing. However, while doing my research I discovered and documented several forgotten and fascinating ancestors in my pedigree tree. The list includes Patriots, Loyalists who fled to Canada, Union soldiers—including one who died at the infamous Andersonville Prison, a Confederate soldier who served in an elite force, and many strong women who persevered despite enduring tragedy after tragedy.

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