AJ Genealogy's Mission

Mission: Introduce clients to the heroes and hooligans—forgotten by history—in their family trees and create documented legacies.

Why hire a professional?

  • Ensure your lineage will stand the test of time. Without carefully documented research, lineages are often debunked. AJ Genealogy always strives to meet the Genealogical Proof Standard.
  • Take advantage of AJ Genealogy’s investment in education and paid subscriptions.
  • AJ Genealogy is strategically located near scores of fabulous New England repositories.

Why I am so passionate about documenting research…

Ancestor's grave at Andersonville National Cemetery
My Ancestor's Grave
Andersonville National Cemetery

Over a decade ago, I set out to prove two family stories that had been passed down for generations. With a little digging, I ended up disproving both stories. You might think this result would be disappointing. However, while doing my research I discovered and documented several forgotten and fascinating ancestors in my pedigree tree. I have experience researching in New England, New York, Kentucky, Italy, Ontario (Loyalists), Montreal, Civil War and Revolutionary War.

Who will we find in your tree?

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